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Expert Consultation with Clinical Embryologist

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  • Guiding you towards clarity on your fertility journey

    • Gain valuable insights through a video consultation with our fertility expert.
    • If you need assistance understanding your test results.
    • If you’re seeking personalised advice tailored to your situation.
    • Quick appointments
    • Personalised advice
    • Online from anywhere
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    Trusted by 4,000+ people like you

    Alex Wortley

    Verified customer

    I found the Mojo experience seamless from start to finish, it's night and day when compared to an in clinic experience and cheaper too. I took this test to reassess existing issue I already knew I had, just to check where i'm at ahead of a potential second fertility journey.

    Sophie & Lee

    Verified customer

    A really convenient and much more comfortable way to check in on my sperm health. I felt more relaxed using this kit than going to a sperm clinic and was much happier with how I received my sperm results. Highly recommend as a way to manage and check in on your sperm health.

    Dara Tah

    Verified customer

    My friend and I were curious about our fertility, it's something every guy jokes about when they are younger but we thought let's actually get tested. Mojo was the no-brainer solution to doing it. I think this kind of basic health insight should be a standard practice for all men.

    How it works

    Your journey made simple with Mojo

    • Order your Mojo kit

      Choose the Mojo kit that suits your purpose and place your order online

    • Receive it within 24-72 hours

      The Mojo kits come in discreet packaging. Neither the mailman nor the neighbor will know what you ordered.

    • Schedule your sample return

      Upon scanning the QR code and connecting your kit to you Mojo account, schedule a return date for your sample.

    • Produce your sample

      On your return date produce your sample at home. then, package your Mojo kit and add the return label.

    • Send your Mojo kit back to us

      Simple drop it off at a RoyalMail office or schedule a pick-up directly with RoyalMail.

    • Get your results within 48 hours

      Within 48 hours after receiving your sample, you'll find easy-to-understand result uploaded to your Mojo account.

    • Book an expert consultation

      Get your questions answered in an online consultations with a certifled UK male fertilty specialist(additional service).

    AI Analysis

    Key sperm metrics Mojo analyses

    Total sperm number

    The total sperm number represents the quantity of sperm within a semen sample. An elevated sperm number enhances the prospects of natural conception and amplifies the efficacy of fertility treatments

    Sperm concentration

    Sperm concentration defines the quantity of sperm per milliliter of semen. This serves as a cornerstone of male fertility assessment, with elevated concentrations bolstering the likelihood of successful conception


    The volume of semen refers to the total fluid, encompassing sperm, expelled during ejaculation. Optimal volume increases the likelihood of sperm successfully reaching and fertilising the egg.


    Sperm motility refers to the capability of sperm to navigate forward effectively. Enhanced motility increases the prospects of fertilisation. Diminished motility may signify underlying medical concerns or challenges in sperm development.


    Sperm morphology refers to the shape and size of sperm, which is important for successful fertilisation of an egg. Abnormalities in morphology may indicate genetic issues or poor sperm development.

    Additional sperm metrics

    In addition to these metrics, our Advanced Testing Kit evaluates a comprehensive array of sperm metrics, encompassing factors like pH, viscosity, aggregation & agglutination. IgA and IgG antibodies tests are also performed when relevant.