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Mojo advanced sperm test

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  • Order your mojo at-home sperm kit today, get your results in under 72h
  • Free premium courier both ways
  • WHO-compliant analysis: volume, count, concentration, and motility
  • Receive easy-tread results
  • A free online consultation offered with a fertility expert

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Order your Mojo at-home sperm test

• Receive Mojo sample collection kit
• Scan the QR code on the kit to select a pickup time
• Collect your sample and hand it to the pickup courrier


Get comprehensive results of your sperm test

• Overall sample quality
• The volume of semen you produce
• Your sperm count
• The motility and concentration of your sperm


Access free, confidential advice from a UK-certified fertility expert

• Discuss your results
• Get a tailored improvement plan that suits your needs
• Access a fertility clinic that is appropriate for you