Test and improve your sperm, from home

  • Order the Mojo at-home sperm test for WHO-compliant results in just 48 hours
  • Consult with UK-certified scientists for tailored, evidence-based guidance to improve your fertility
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UK’s first virtual male fertility clinic

3000+ sperm tests performed. 48-hours turnaround time. 93% of men prefer at-home testing.

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Doctor-tailored solutions for patients undergoing IVF/fertility treatments, experiencing miscarriage, or undergoing testosterone therapy, as well as those taking proactive steps toward their health.

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How it works

The fastest and most accurate way to test and improve your sperm from home

  • 1. Collect your sperm, from home

    Order a Mojo kit that suits your needs to receive it in just two days. We'll pick it up within two hours when you're ready.

  • 2. Understand your fertility with easy-to-read results

    Get clinical-grade complete sperm analysis with 22 biomarkers delivered securely online in 48 hours.

  • 3. Improve your sperm quality

    Optimize sperm quality and increase your chances of conception with our expert guidance and tailored self-care tools.

You may have half the sperm count of your grandfather at your age

Factors like age, lifestyle, medical conditions, and toxins can affect fertility, but we're here to help!

Take our 5-minute quiz for a free personalized fertility report. Our report includes practical guidance based on analysis of 80 data points, helping increase your chances of parenthood within 90 days.

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Trusted by hundreds of providers

  • Bourn Hall offers Mojo's at-home sperm test to their patients.

  • Superdrug's offers Mojo's men's fertility care to aspiring parents.

  • Peppy enable employers to provide accessible male fertility care.

  • Zava is the leading digital health platform in the UK and choose Mojo to enrich their men's health offering.

  • Apricity UK's next-generation fertility clinic trusts Mojo's at-home sperm test.

  • Hertility, UK's top at-home female hormone testing, partners with Mojo for complete picture - male testing too!

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