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An at-home sperm kit engineered for accurate results.

Our kit maintains optimal transport conditions through a preservation solution, gel pack, and temperature/humidity-controlled container for accurate results.

AI-powered, clinician-validated.

Our CE-certified microscope, equipped with AI and nano-meter precise robotics, provides unparalleled accuracy. Plus, our expert clinicians validate all results.

Fast, secure, easy-to-read results.

Get a clear overview of your fertility situation with our easy-to-read and secure online results in your GDPR-compliant portal.

Clinical grade reports for you and your physician.

Receive an in-depth lab analysis of your sperm with our advanced at-home sperm test, including morphology analysis and a comprehensive report featuring 22 biomarkers.

Key sperm metrics that we analyse

  • Volume

    Semen volume is the total amount of fluid, including sperm, produced during ejaculation. A healthy volume ensures the best chances of sperm reaching the egg for fertilisation.

  • Total sperm number

    The number of sperm present in a semen sample. Higher numbers of sperm improve the chances of natural conception and also increase the success rate of fertility treatments.

  • Sperm concentration

    Refers to the number of sperm in each milliliter of semen. It is a key measure of male fertility, and higher concentrations increase the chances of successful conception, both naturally and through IVF, ICSI and IUI treatments.

  • Motility

    The ability of sperm to move forward efficiently. Higher motility increases the chances of fertilisation. Poor motility may indicate underlying medical conditions or issues with sperm development.

  • Morphology

    Sperm morphology refers to the shape and size of sperm, which is important for successful fertilisation of an egg. Abnormalities in morphology may indicate genetic issues or poor sperm development and have been linked to miscarriages and recurrent miscarriages.

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What is Mojo's at-home semen analysis?

Mojo's at-home semen analysis is a test kit that evaluates up to 22 key biomarkers to assess sperm health and fertility potential. It is designed to be convenient, affordable, and accessible for men who want to monitor their sperm quality and take proactive steps to improve their chances of achieving a successful pregnancy.

What are the key parameters measured by Mojo's at-home sperm analysis?

The key parameters evaluated by Mojo's at-home semen analysis include semen volume, sperm concentration, sperm motility, total motile sperm count, and sperm morphology (available in our advanced sperm test). These parameters are all important indicators of sperm health and can provide valuable insights into a man's fertility potential.

What is a sperm analysis, and what does it tell you?

Fertility specialists have used the sperm analysis test since the 1930s to assess sperm quality, which is important for male reproductive health. The test measures 22 biomarkers set by the WHO, including semen volume, sperm concentration, total number, motility, and morphology. Although the test doesn't directly measure fertility, it provides useful information and a starting point for further investigation. Mojo's at-home sperm test includes all key biomarkers recommended by the WHO, and our fertility experts can offer personalized advice if any abnormalities are detected to improve sperm quality and identify underlying problems that could affect fertility.

How do I return my semen sample to Mojo while ensuring that it remains high quality during shipment?

Mojo's at-home sperm test uses a special transport media that protects and extends the life of your sperm during shipping. To return your sample to our lab, simply follow these steps:

  1. Package and return your kit: Use the packaging materials included in your kit to package your semen sample in the original shipping box. You can then schedule a return for your sample to be mailed overnight through one of our shipping partners or drop it off at a participating location.
  2. Analyze your sample: Once we receive your sample at our London hubs, our qualified fertility clinicians analyse it according to the WHO guidelines using a CE-certified and peer-reviewed AI-powered microscope. Our kit is designed to protect your sperm's quality for up to 48 hours, and we conduct a full test on arrival to ensure everything went smoothly in transportation.
  3. Get your results: Your results will be available on your online dashboard within 48 hours. If you choose the consultation option, you can schedule a video call with a fertility specialist to review your results and discuss how they relate to your fertility. All your information remains anonymised via your CLIENTID and lives on HIPAA-, GDPR-compliant servers.

How long before a sperm test can/should I ejaculate?

Studies have shown that repeat and frequent ejaculation leads to the release of competent sperm that have not been stored in the testes for long enough.

To ensure the sperm analysis results can be assessed against existing data and reports relating to sperm function or pregnancy, the sperm sample should be collected after a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 7 days of sexual abstinence. This ensures that advice can be given on chances of pregnancy, further testing/investigation, or type of assisted conception if that is needed.

If repeat analyses are required, the number of days since the last ejaculation should be as constant as possible at each visit.

Why choose a Mojo sperm test?

Mojo's at-home male fertility test is the only thorough male fertility test you can take from the comfort of your home to test your sperm health.

The Mojo male fertility sperm test is designed for people with sperm who want to understand their fertility and have peace of mind when trying to start their family.

This test is equivalent to taking a test with a fertility clinic - without leaving your home and awkward waiting rooms, sample cup in hand. It is an easy way to test, understand and - if needed - improve your sperm at an affordable price.

Thanks to Mojo's proprietary AI technology that has been developed in compliance with WHO standards and with the scientific team that co-developed these standards, you get 97% accurate results in 48h.

The test results are easy to understand and cover the essential parameters that are clinically and scientifically required to assess your ability to conceive.

How accurate is at-home fertility testing?

Mojo's at-home sperm testing kit uses a proprietary transport package developed with our scientific partners. Our package, including our clinically-validated transport solution, preserves the quality of the sample for more than 24h. With sperm shipment, you may experience a 10-20% drop in sperm motility, a tiny error margin with nearly no effect on test efficacy.

What enables Mojo to offer clinical-grade sperm tests is that we operate our own labs and use our purpose-built AI-powered sperm analysis platform. Our AI performs at 97% accuracy with less than a 20% error margin — validated against WHO standards & ISO 15189-compliant labs such as the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

What's the difference between an over-the-counter sperm count test and a complete sperm analysis?

An over-the-counter sperm count test typically only measures the sperm count or the number of motile sperm, providing incomplete information on sperm health with questionable accuracy.

On the other hand, a complete sperm analysis, like Mojo's at-home semen analysis, measures a comprehensive set of 22 biomarkers recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for a thorough assessment of sperm health.

This includes measurements of

  • volume of semen,
  • quantity of sperm (concentration
  • total number of spermatozoa),
  • motility
  • morphology.

A complete sperm analysis provides a more accurate and complete picture of sperm health and can help identify potential fertility issues or other conditions affecting male reproductive health.

Mojo's test is an alternative or complementary option to those in clinics, providing a 97% accuracy rate, all from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional clinic visit.

How often should I do a sperm repeat test?

Keeping track of sperm health is essential for male fertility and overall health. Various factors like lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, and medical conditions can affect sperm quality. Therefore, monitoring and improving sperm health can increase the chances of achieving pregnancy and overall well-being.

If your at-home sperm test shows any irregularities, it is necessary to repeat the test three weeks apart from the original test to confirm the results. The repeat test must be the exact same as the previous test.

If the repeat test also shows abnormalities, consulting with a healthcare professional for further investigations is recommended. This may include a physical examination, hormone tests, or genetic testing.

Mojo's at-home sperm test provides an affordable, convenient, and reliable way to evaluate sperm quality and take control of reproductive health.