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Mojo clinical-grade, at-home sperm test

The most comprehensive sperm test you can take at home to test and improve your fertility.

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What to expect

1) Order your kit
Your kit will be sent out for delivery as soon as possible, with delivery typically in 24-48 hours

2) Receive and open your kit
The kit will contain: a sterile sample cup, a timestamp label, a thermally-insulated container, a small bottle of preserving liquid, a cold pack, a heat pack, instructions for use and packaging for return shipment.
You may keep or discard the cold pack, but please keep everything else.

3) Use the kit immediately or place the preserving liquid in the fridge
When you receive your kit, remove the cold pack and small bottle of preserving liquid from the thermal container. If you are not ready to produce the sample, please store the preserving liquid in the fridge (up to 10 days).
Attention: abstain from ejaculating for 2-5 days before using the kit.

4) Register your kit and book a pickup
Scan the QR code on your thermos or sample cup with a smartphone camera. Create an account or sign in if you have one already. From your online portal, schedule a time and date for your kit pickup. You can also view a template of the results so that you can familiarise yourself with what to expect.

5) Produce your sample
If you refrigerated the preserving liquid, remove it from the fridge and allow it to reach room temperature before producing your sample (45 minutes). Wash your hands and genitals. Produce your sample by ejaculating directly into the sample cup, without using lubricant or saliva. You do not need to fill the cup. Add the preserving liquid to the sample cup and swirl gently. Close the cup.

6) Package and return your kit
Place the sample cup back into the thermal container. Activate the heat pack and place it on top of the sample cup before sealing it inside the thermos. Use the included packaging materials to package your sample in the original shipping box. Have your kit ready for pickup at your previously reserved pickup time. Pickups will happen within a 1 hour window from the time you requested.

7) Receive your results
Your results will be available in your online dashboard within 48 hours of our lab receiving your sample. You will receive sms updates about the progress of your analysis so that you can know the moment they are ready. You can schedule a call with a fertility expert to review your results and receive guidance on next steps.

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What is a sperm analysis, and what does it tell you?

A sperm analysis should test:

• Volume of semen 

• Quantity of sperm (concentration and total number of spermatozoa) 

• Motility: how efficiently and how fast sperm move 

A good sperm analysis is not a direct test of fertility, it provides guidance to the chance of having a baby and can be a starting point for further investigation; achieving a pregnancy remains possible even for those with severe deficits.

If the Mojo at-home sperm test detects abnormalities, our fertility experts will assist you in pinpointing the underlying problem and provide personalised advice to help improve your sperm quality.

Learn more about this here.

What is the prevalence of sperm analysis in the fertility equation?

When a couple has trouble conceiving, 50% of the time, it has something to do with sperm. People with sperm have a more prominent role than just cum.

When is it vital to get a sperm test?

You are thinking about starting or expanding your family 

Couples who have an immediate pregnancy plan should ensure they know their reproductive health status before trying to have a baby. If you are in this category, it is highly recommended to take a Mojo at-home sperm test for your peace of mind.

Actively trying to conceive naturally

If you have been trying to conceive for 6-12 months, but pregnancy is not happening, it is essential to get tested. In some specific cases, you will need to request a sperm analysis, for instance, if you:

• went through a cancer treatment

• are experiencing prolonged stress and anxiety 

• have a chronic condition like hypertension or diabetes 

• face sexual performance issues such as erection or ejaculation difficulties 

• have an infection of the scrotum or prostate  

• have taken a long-term prescribed medication, or you participate in recreational drug use 

• have had surgery for non-migrated / undescended testicles  

Sperm health examination is a quick and straightforward process, another reason to get tested proactively and regularly. You can order your test today.

Does Mojo’s results report indicate if I am fertile or infertile?

No. Mojo provides results on your overall sperm health quality displayed as Above or Below the WHO thresholds, along with accurate detailed analysis of your sperm count, motility, semen volume, and the number of total sperm. The higher the numbers, the higher the chances of conceiving naturally. However, if the numbers are lower than the WHO thresholds, it does not necessarily mean you cannot conceive.

Sperm health is a non-static diagnosis, and it can be heavily influenced by our lifestyle, what we eat, and our state of mental health. With the Mojo at-home sperm test kit, you can test your sperm in 48h and get access to our fertility specialists for personalised and expert advice to improve your fertility, increasing the odds of conceiving naturally.

How long before a sperm test can/should I ejaculate?

Studies have shown that repeat and frequent ejaculation leads to the release of competent sperm that have not been stored in the testes for long enough.

To ensure the sperm analysis results can be assessed against existing data and reports relating to sperm function or pregnancy, the sperm sample should be collected after a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 7 days of sexual abstinence. This ensures that advice can be given on chances of pregnancy, further testing/investigation, or type of assisted conception if that is needed.

If repeat analyses are required, the number of days since the last ejaculation should be as constant as possible at each visit.

How much does male fertility testing cost?

At a traditional lab or clinic, the cost of a sperm analysis is typically around 200–400 sterling pounds. That is not to mention the sterile user experience spanning the waiting room and generating your sample on-site.

Mojo's at-home sperm testing cost is a fraction of a traditional clinic. A sperm analysis costs 150 sterling pounds and can be combined with a free and online access to fertility specialists to hep improve your results. Order your Mojo at-home sperm test kit today to understand your fertility in 48h.

Why is Mojo more expensive than pharmacy and smartphone tests?

Pharmacy tests
These tests do not give you a full view of your results - they do not cover all sperm parameters and/or they do not give you numerical results, only Positive or Negative. Plus, they do not offer you access to a fertility expert that helps you interpret the results - we do!

Smartphone tests
These tests use the camera on your phone to make the analysis - the problem is that smartphone cameras do not have enough quality and resolution to capture the complexity of sperm cells and their movement.
Besides, they also force you to prepare the sample slide for analysis, which is very prone to error and may lead to poor quality results.

Mojo is different! We give you a full report on your sperm parameters, access to fertility experts and we analyze your sample in our Hubs - this means a higher price point but also a higher quality of care. Our analysis is WHO-compliant and our technology has been validated by the scientific community.