You may have 50% less sperm than your grandpa had at your age!

Male fertility has declined by half over the past 40 years. And your sperm quality drops even further as you get older. Imagine you're in your mid-thirties, trying to conceive and it doesn't work - because of you.

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  • Total sperm

    The total number of sperm present in a semen sample. Higher numbers of sperm improve the chances of natural conception and also increase the success rate of fertility treatments.

  • Concentration

    Refers to the number of sperm in each milliliter of semen. It is a critical measure of male fertility, and higher concentrations increase the chances of successful conception.

  • Semen volume

    Semen volume is the total amount of fluid, including sperm, produced during ejaculation. A healthy volume ensures the best chances of sperm reaching the egg for fertilisation.

  • Motility

    The ability of sperm to move forward efficiently. Higher motility increases the chances of fertilisation. Poor motility may indicate underlying medical conditions or issues with sperm development.

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