✓ CE-certified, AI-powered analysis

Rely on our CE-certified AI-powered robotic microscope for 97% accurate and WHO-compliant results, validated by experienced male fertility clinicians.

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Developed with leading institutions to give you the most accurate results.

  • Partnered with King's College London to collect millions of sperm data points and create 97% accurate AI models that adheres to WHO standards.

  • Our analysis is Karolinska Institute validated, meeting world-class fertility lab standards - 97% accuracy and WHO/ESHRE SIG compliant.

  • Partnered with Cambridge University NHS Hospital to fine-tune our 22 biomarker test, meeting UK's high operational standards.

  • Partnering with Imperial College London, we have validated our analysis and workflow to ensure complete, standardised, and reproducible results.

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Improving male fertility care through research.

✓ In-house clinical-grade analysis
✓ Providing encrypted results
✓ Secure sample transport

AI-powered, clinician-validated.

Our CE-certified microscope, equipped with AI and nano-meter precise robotics, provides unparalleled accuracy. Plus, our expert clinicians validate all results.

Secure, easy-to-read results.

Get a clear overview of your fertility situation with our easy-to-read and secure online results in your GDPR-compliant portal.

Clinically approved, complete report.

Receive an in-depth and WHO-compliant analysis of your sperm with our advanced at-home sperm test, including morphology analysis, and a comprehensive report featuring 22 biomarkers.

Sperm collection kit engineered for accurate results.

Our kit maintains optimal transport conditions through a preservation solution, gel pack, and temperature/humidity-controlled container for accurate results.

Our Scientific publications

A novel Artificial Intelligence Microscopy: Mojo AISA, the new way to perform semen analysis

Enhancing the accuracy of semen analysis with AI-based technology

Clinical validation of Mojo AISA, an AI robotic CASA system

How to develop accurate CASA AI in the absence of protocol standardization and abundance of human error when performing semen analyses?

Clinical evaluation of AI robotic tool for male factor infertility

Clinical evaluation of male factor infertility with Artificial Intelligence integrated Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) tools

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Why is Mojo more expensive than pharmacy and smartphone tests?

Pharmacy tests
These tests do not give you a full view of your results - they do not cover all sperm parameters and/or they do not give you numerical results, only Positive or Negative. Plus, they do not offer you access to a fertility expert that helps you interpret the results - we do!

Smartphone tests
These tests use the camera on your phone to make the analysis - the problem is that smartphone cameras do not have enough quality and resolution to capture the complexity of sperm cells and their movement.
Besides, they also force you to prepare the sample slide for analysis, which is very prone to error and may lead to poor quality results.

Mojo is different! We give you a full report on your sperm parameters and access to fertility experts and we analyse your sample in our Hubs - this means a higher price point but also a higher quality of care. Our analysis is WHO-compliant and our technology has been validated by the scientific community.

How accurate is at-home fertility testing?

Mojo offers an at-home sperm testing kit that incorporates a specially designed transport package, developed in collaboration with our scientific partners.

Our transport solution, which has been clinically validated, is capable of preserving the quality of the sample for over 24 hours. When shipping sperm, there is a slight possibility of a reduction in sperm motility of up to 8%, but this small margin of error does not significantly affect the accuracy of our test results.

The reason Mojo can provide clinical-grade sperm testing is that we have our own laboratories and utilise an AI-powered sperm analysis platform that we designed specifically for this purpose.

Our AI technology has a remarkable accuracy rate of 97%, with an error margin of less than 20%, and it has been validated against the standards set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) and ISO 15189-compliant labs such as the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Is the quality of sperm static?

No. It can take upto 90 days for sperm to be produced, which means that what happened 90 days ago affects your sperm now. We know that our lifestyles like smoking, eating, drinking, drugs, and how much we exercise affect sperm quality and quantity.