Our Purpose

We make starting a family possible for everyone

One billion humans are expected to face infertility by 2050, and that's 10% of the earth's population. Yet, the current analog fertility care systems are available only for the privileged few - at soaring costs and at 75% failure rate.

There are many causes of infertility and it's sperm-related 50% of the time. But men don't know this and they do not seek medical attention. In addition, men are not aware that they have a biological clock, which starts from the age of 30.

At Mojo, we help men think about their fertility proactively and expand their family-building potential. We give them access to an AI-powered fertility care platform that helps them understand, test, and improve their fertility to start the family they long for.

  • 💪Bold

    We debunk myths about sperm and provide scientifically-based information that helps you become a parent

  • 🪟Transparent

    We disclose our studies to see how accurate they are and show scientific concepts in an easy-to-read way

  • 🤝Benevolent

    We provide our customers access to fertility experts where they can openly talk about their concerns

  • 🔬Pioneers

    We've created a unique scientific infrastructure that helps you receive the highest quality of fertility service possible

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  • Melanie Brown, MSc

    MSc in Nutritional Medicine, specialized in male-factor infertility with 20 years of experience.
    Helped thousands of people through their fertility journey

  • Shaun Rogers

    Clinical Scientist specialised in sperm function with 30 years of experience.
    Helped more than 10.000 people in their IVF treatments

  • Ram Navaratnarajah

    Obstetrician & Gyneacologist at Royal London Hospital with 30 years of experience.
    Helped more than 20.000 people in delivering babies in high-risk obstetric care

"I tested my sperm and I found that the results and experience were terrible"

Poor sperm quality is a creeping epidemic that negatively impacts the lives of tens of millions of people. Beyond family planning, sperm health can also tell us a lot about our overall health. And that’s not just the evident links to potentially fatal diseases: as modern technology and data science advances, sperm testing has extraordinary potential for improving humanity’s understanding of sperm quality’s impact on creating healthy babies and understanding genetic health factors.

Mohamed Taha, Founder & CEO

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