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Advanced Kit + Consultation Package

Advanced Kit + Consultation Package

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The Advanced Mojo Test + Consultation Package is perfect for those actively on the journey to parenthood who are looking for more guidance. Receive a comprehensive sperm test, tailored guidance from a fertility specialist, referrals, and discounted re-testing.

What's Included:

Mojo Advanced Sperm Testing Kit with Morphology

  • Complete analysis covering 22 biomarkers, including sperm morphology
  • Includes 2 reports: an easy-to-read digital report sent to your online portal and a comprehensive lab report sent via email to you (and your physician, if desired)
  • Includes a sample-preserving liquid for a secure sample return
  • Includes premium round trip UK shipping with discreet packaging
  • Results within 48 hours after you ship your sample to Mojo

Digital Male Fertility Consultation

  • Get your questions answered with an online consultations with a certified UK male fertility specialist
  • Receive an in-depth review of your semen analysis results
  • Obtain personalised expert recommendations to optimise sperm quality

Package Exclusive

  • 15% discount on repeat advanced tests
  • Continuous specialist support via email for tailored advice and all other inquiries
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