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  • This is Mojo AISA. The first AI-powered sperm analysis microscope in the world. We've developed it to give you a quick and accurate picture of your fertility, so you won't have to worry about getting misdiagnosed or making bad choices for your health.

  • Once Mojo AISA has done its job, we send your results stright to your Mojo account. Within 24-48 hours after you provided your sample. If you want to improve your sperm health, we tell you how. All that included in the Mojo kit without additional fees

Our vision

We make starting a family possible for everyone, starting with men.

One billion people will be infertile by 2050. Many of these people are choosing parenthood in their 30s, when their reproductive cells are no longer at their prime. The current analog fertility care systems exist for only a privileged few and are not accessible, reliable and affordable to most people. Mojo is changing that by providing everyone with access to an AI-driven fertility care platform that helps aspiring parents test, understand and improve their fertility.

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