We’re teaming up with the medical experts at MANUAL who give you all the tools you need to take care of your health and wellbeing. Since we have so much in common, all MANUAL customers will now have access to our laboratory-quality, at-home sperm analysis - which you can use if you’re thinking of starting a family, are having fertility issues or just want a better understanding of your sperm health.

Sperm matters, for starting a family and your overall health

Get the Mojo at-home, lab-based sperm testing kit - without the clinic:

• Order the kit and arrange a pick up 

• Get fast, accurate results in 48h

• Optional consultation with a fertility expert to improve your fertility

View the Mojo kit

Know your sperm health from home - in 48h

• Order the kit today, receive it tomorrow

• Schedule a kit pick-up time

• Hand your kit to our courier

• Get your AI-powered results in 48h

• Book time for consultation if desired

View the Mojo kit

Clinical-grade, WHO-compliant results, powered by AI

Get fast, easy-to-understand, accurate results on key sperm health metrics:

• Overall sperm health

• Sample volume

• Sperm concentration 

• Sperm motility 

• Total sperm number 

Learn more about analysis

Access free, personalised advice - online

You're in good hands with Mojo's world-class fertility experts. They help you to

• understand your results,

• improve your sperm health and take actionable, useful steps to get you closer to starting your family,

• get access to cutting-edge fertility clinics, with compelling pricing, if needed.

How it works
  • This is Mojo AISA. The first AI-powered semen analysis microscope in the world. We've developed it to give you a quick and accurate diagnosis, so you won't have to worry about getting misdiagnosed or making bad choices for your health.

  • Our simple home kit lets you collect your sample and we send it straight to our lab for testing. And if you want to improve your sperm health, in most cases – we tell you how with actionable tips backed by science. All that included in the spem test price.

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