Lab-quality results, powered by AI

We’ve built a groundbreaking AI microscope whose sole purpose is to analyze sperm. We don’t know if our robot enjoys its job, but it’s damn good at it.

  • Overall

    Once our AI has done its job, you’re handed deep knowledge about your reproductive health - WHO gold-standard level, to be precise.

  • Volume

    This is the sheer amount of semen you produce. Semen is the delivery guy, taking your sperm where it needs to go. Too much or too little makes it harder for the sperm to reach its destination.

  • Motility

    Motility measures how well your sperm move. Straight forward, in circles, not at all - we measure it. Higher motility = higher likelihood of reaching the egg.

  • Concentration

    How many sperm are you producing per teaspoon of cum? We’ll tell you your concentration ratio in million per milliliter. A healthy concentration is all important for fertility.

  • Total Sperm Number

    What it says on the tin. How many overall sperm are you releasing into the wild with every ejaculation? Higher sperm number = better odds of conception. Plus, it’s an indicator of overall health.

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Rigorous science. Peace of mind.

Eliminating human error with robotics

Existing DIY at-home sperm tests or labs (fertility clinics and pathology labs) are operated by humans - leading to error margins of up to 80%. For reference: the WHO accepts a maximum of 20% error margin.

Mojo created a robotic, AI-driven microscope with nanometer tolerance (hundreds of times smaller than a single hair) to ensure that sperm analysis consistently performed with <20% error margin.

Delivering accuracy with AI

Our AI - a generic term for our dozens of deep learning models - is trained on over 100 million sperm images and movements to accurately measure the critical sperm parameters you need in order to decide for your life. 

Mojo AISA is the only AI sperm analysis platform that has been scientifically built by key scientists who also authored the “WHO laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen”. We do not shy from showing our numbers, and we are transparent with you. We perform at below 20% error margin with 97% accuracy compared to world-leading experts.

Personalising fertility care with data science

Sperm health drops by 1% p.a. — and has declined by 50% since the 1970s. When sperm count drops, it is very likely that testosterone levels are also affected - which are a proxy for cardiac, physiological, mental and sexual conditions. 

Mojo measures the elemental sperm parameters and our fertility experts provide evidence-based detailed feedback on your overall fertility, lifestyle, and other markers that affect your fertility and overall health.

Honouring compliance with transparency

All sperm samples are being analysed in labs operated by Mojo - so far in the centers of London and Stockholm. In these labs, Mojo AISA - our robotic, AI-driven microscope - analyses all sperm samples.

Mojo AISA has been validated by the Karolinska University Hospital (under the supervision of the Editor-in-Chief of the “WHO laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen”), is CE certified and pending FDA approval.

Our scientific publications

A novel Artificial Intelligence Microscopy: Mojo AISA, the new way to perform semen analysis

A novel Artificial Intelligence approach to semen analysis

Fertility 2022 - Jan 5, 2022

Enhancing the accuracy of semen analysis with AI-based technology

Clinical validation of Mojo AISA, an AI robotic CASA system

How to develop accurate CASA AI in the absence of protocol standardization and abundance of human error when performing semen analyses?

Clinical evaluation of AI robotic tool for male factor infertility

Clinical evaluation of male factor infertility with Artificial Intelligence integrated Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) tools

A clinical-grade test, without the clinic

• Like a set of mad sperm scientists, we’ve created a unique AI-based sperm analysis system.

• You can take a Mojo sperm test without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

• No sitting awkwardly in a waiting room, sample cup in hand.

• We’ll even help you improve your results with a personalized plan from our fertility specialists.